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Enable a Better Future

Our Black Tech Founders Club is a results-focused accelerator programme designed exclusively for Black-led tech start-ups.

It  facilitates greater competitiveness through scaling up.

It leads to sustainable growth of Black-led Tech start-ups.


Join an ecosystem bringing together technical and business support for Black Tech Business Founders.

Our supporting organisations include:

Cyber-Duck a leading digital transformation agency 

The accelerator programme key activities:

Workshops, hackathons, leadership shadowing and mentoring sessions to assist them in further developing your business and scaling plan.

The 1000BVAccelerator covers workshops and sessions about strategy, leadership, ethics, cyber-security, intellectual property, marketing, digital transformation and various technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud platforms, data-driven decision making, analytics and data insight, finance and investment readiness.

If you have a growth mindset bring your 'A' game.

A unique approach to Scaling-up.

Join us and Grow.

We welcomed 5 businesses inspired  by
10 Tech Founders on 28 October
for our 12-Month Black Tech Accelerator.

The 1000BVAccelerator is open to Founders that:

> is a Black-tech business led by *representatives of the Black community.

*51% or more of the board and senior management team are from Black backgrounds, and are making the key strategic decisions for the company. By “making key decisions” we mean that decisions on core strategic and financial matters are taken by Black founders, not that consultation is undertaken as part of decisions that are subsequently taken by a group that is not Black-led.

o generates revenue;

o seeks to support the Black community

Download Terms and Conditions here 

1000BlackVoices_Accelerator_Terms and Conditions