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We help Black business founders scale and accelerate their businesses through result-focused coaching and accelerator programs.

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Trusting in 1000 Black Voices

Without support

Exasperated by lack of access to what you need for your growth effort?

Frustrated that your great product or service is not achieving it’s full potential?

Stressed by the struggle to secure funding?

with confidence

Do it the right way with confidence in your plan and you can smartly leverage capabilities to grow your business. 

Targeted support empowers you to:

  • Leverage capabilities

  • Deliver on your growth plan

  • Accelerate growth


Join our Black Tech Accelerator for sustainable growth brought about by scaleup strategies and access to a network of mentors, advisors and partners.

The Black Tech Accelerator is a results-focused accelerator program designed exclusively for Black-led tech start-ups.

It  helps you leverage capabilities, deliver on your plan for scaling up.

Case Study

520k+ Contracts gained
250K+ Grant Funding

Finalist Leading Healthcare Awards 2021

Venture capitalist investment £500k to £1m - in discussion

Google for Startups Black Founders Fund 2021 - shortlisted

Microsoft AI for Social impact accelerator 2021 - shortlisted

"Being involved in a program that understands the challenges we face in the Black community is a top priority for us... These programs are very much needed at scale”.

Trusting us for a better future

“Such an amazing action-oriented program that is giving me the tools needed to scale my business.

Not having to pay for such a much-needed program of support allows me to put the little cash I have into creating tech that directly positively impacts our customers.

This is an opportunity most in the Black community do not get. 1000 Black Voices has made this possible.”

Christie Cole, CloudAPS

Results-focused programs

Acceleration Programs



Mentors and Leaders






1000 Black Voices – fantastic work “ 

Anne-Marie Lo Bianco , Microsoft for Startups

Opportunities with our partners


Benefit from technical advice and mentorship from SingularityNET.

In addition, possibility to run for DEEP funding allocation to be voted on by the community.

Microsoft for Startups

Benefit from access to exclusive events and workshops run by Microsoft for Startups.

In addition potential acceptance onto the Microsoft for Startups Accelerator

Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Apply now to join next Black Tech Accelerator cohort.

Download Black Tech Accelerator brochure here

Black Tech Accelerator brochure

Shortlisted Participants are contacted for a Pitch (virtual) interview

  • The 1000 Black Voices Black Tech Accelerator is open to any Applicant that:

> is a Black-tech business led by *representatives of the Black community.

*50% or more of the board and senior management team that are from Black backgrounds, are making the key strategic decisions for the company. By “making key decisions” we mean that decisions on core strategic and financial matters are taken by Black founders, not that consultation is undertaken as part of decisions that are subsequently taken by a group that is not Black-led.

  • offers an innovative technical solution
  • has a minimum viable product 
  • achieve some amount of traction
  • generates revenue

Download Terms and Conditions here 

1000BlackVoices_Accelerator_Terms and Conditions