1000 Black Voices
announce black tech accelerator

London, UK — October 6, 2020 — 1000 Black Voices today announced their Black Tech Accelerator. The 1000 Black Tech Accelerator, known as the 1000BVAccelerator, is a results-focused accelerator program designed exclusively for Black-led tech start-ups. It aims to enable a better future for Black tech founders and the Black community.

The 1000BVAccelerator provides an enabling ecosystem to stimulate Black-led technology scale up, sustainable growth and economic resilience. All participating Black Tech founders, will receive a year of ongoing mentoring from 1000 Black Voices and their supporting organisations. This includes workshops, collaborative forums, mentoring, leadership shadowing and hackathon opportunities to collaborate on innovation initiatives to help accelerate future growth for the participating scale-ups.

1000 Black Voices is being supported by Microsoft. With this programme, Microsoft will provide scaleups with technical insight, mentoring and technology to enable innovation and more efficient operations. 

In helping Black tech founders scale up their business, this initiative further expands 1000 Black Voices commitment to make a positive impact on the economic resilience of the Black community and equity within society. For more information about activities, events, upcoming programmes and opportunities, please visit www.1000BlackVoices.com 

Dr Elizabeth Shaw, Founder, 1000 Black Voices said, “1000 Black Voices are excited to be able to offer support to Black Tech Founders through our Black tech accelerator programme. We are looking forward to welcoming participating organisations and helping them accelerate their journey of growth.”

Dr Elizabeth Shaw continued by saying, “1000 Black Voices are delighted that Microsoft chose to support our organisation and what we are striving to accomplish in our support of Black tech founders. The 1000BVAccelerator is supporting the growth of Black talent and business to enable Black diversity in tech.

Raymond Hounon – Microsoft BAME UK LT: Microsoft’s corporate mission is “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more” This mission statement shows that the business is all about empowerment of people and organisations. In light of recent events (COVID 19, ongoing Police brutality against Black people around the world, societal and economical inequalities fuelled by racial injustices) the world suddenly rediscover some hidden truths and ugliness affecting BAME people in the UK and particularly the Black communities; Microsoft has teamed up with 1000 Black Voices to help young Black entrepreneurs to believe and help transform the way that people in Black communities live, work, play, and connect through great technology’. The goal is to create an environment where Black entrepreneurs and innovators will thrive and develop new ideas and solution to help elevate the social, educational and economical status of Black people by creating Black Tech that will strongly abide by ESG criteria.

“1000 Black Voices are looking forward to an ongoing collaboration with Microsoft and other Tech companies in supporting the Black Tech community.”

For more information, visit www.microsoft.com and www.1000BlackVoices.com.


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