Inclusion Practice

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, many of us want to know we’re doing the right thing. We help you to take a collaborative and trust-based approach towards authentic equity and inclusion. We do this through challenging group sessions and 1-2-1 coaching. These are the perfect vehicle for your move towards better aligning business goals with operationalising racial equity and justice in your policies, practices, culture and ethos. There are challenging questions for you to consider and act on in holding your business to a higher standard. 


We develop your social anchorage in the realities of identity, belonging, cultural pride providing you with the grounding to take your next steps towards inclusion. You draw on our understanding of the Black experience, relationship-building and advancing diversity and inclusion.


Building an impactful racial equity strategic plan requires that there is clear alignment with business goals. We work closely with your leadership team to frame your Northstar diversity and inclusion ambition that will guide intentional and thoughtful inclusion protocols.



Your diversity and inclusion journey is driven by collaborative and trust-based practices; including accountability, collaborative decision-making and co-creation where under-represented voices are heard. We support you in engagement, imperative to galvanising change throughout the organisation.

EDI Transformation Journey