Northstar: Building impactful What’s your racial equity strategic plan and why?

This is an intensive session that marks your move towards operationalising racial equity and justice in your policies, practices, culture and ethos. What brings you all to the table? And, how will you create change together? What is the impact of being inclusive for this group, the business and your products? What are the structural implications? 

What to expect:
Define WHY you believe (and invest) in inclusion, diversity, align it to your business goals and look at how it fits within your brand proposition. To create change, review or co-create a clear vision for EDI, look at the mission, focusing on how EDI can create a better culture, motivated teams and equality for all.


  • Define what inclusion means

  • Take a strategic approach and prioritise

  • Desired outcome

  • Challenges around current culture

The realities of cultural transformation

Understand the barriers to authentic inclusion: what is holding each department back? Unpack the barriers and consider from the Black perspective: emotional labour, micro-aggressions, blind posts, code-switching and privilege. Why do these manifest? How can we refine the strategy to build in success and align to the larger, long term goals? How do they show up in your teams? How do they show up in the system? How can we address the challenges?

Once we’ve considered these barriers, we can then think about what our users and employees need from our strategy. We then distill 3-4 core pillars to bring to life an action plan.

What to expect:
Spend some time in the space considering blockers to inclusion and the key pillars for how to redesign the system for inclusion.


  • Understand blockers within the business for various groups

  • Think about the kind of culture you want to establish

  • Consider key ‘levers’ or pillars to shape and drive inclusion.

Identity and bias

Purposeful Action

Purposeful Action: developing a racial equity strategic plan

WHO: C-Suite
DURATION: 2 hours (2x coaches)
HOW MANY: Up to 16 People

There must be a transparent agenda and process. We take time to think about how we can bring this to life by developing a racial equity strategic plan,.

This is where we get solution focused, 

We spend time identifiying key actions to implement under each pillar, sorted by priority. From this, we build an actionable roadmap.

What to expect:
This is a fast-paced session where we get down to business, and produce diversity performance objecti