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  • Unsure about a Companies approach to anti-racism? 
  • Frustrated by a company’s band-aid activities that don’t lead to change? 
  • Anxious about the lack of diverse talent at all levels  within a company?

Doesn't your talent deserve to be valued equitably?

We can help change this at your company supercharging your diversity, antiracism and inclusion programs.

  • Developing diverse leaders
  • Diversity and racial consulting, coaching and education series 
  • Innovation accelerators focus on diverse teams and businesses

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  • Inspire your teams to act as role models and allies
  • Each individual has a voice, is heard and feels they belong
  • Antiracism improving working experience and engagement levels

“1000 Black Voices does great work. Very impressed. We want them to do more of the work they do, with us.”  

Raymond Hounon, Microsoft

Here are our most popular programs:

What type of Company is the Best at Diversity?

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Programs and tools so your company can:​

How to Start an Employee Resource Group

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Programs and tools so your company can:​

Anti-racism and inclusion matters and progression and salary too

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Programs and tools so your company can:​

1000 Black Voices emphasis on diversity and inclusion strategies that are data-driven and achieve measurable outcomes has marked a milestone in the growth of WeAfric!” 

Henry Otim, WeAfric

Accelerate Diversity, Antiracism and Inclusion efforts.

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The diversity, antiracism and inclusion advantage.

The greater the representation the higher the likelihood of increased profitability.

Ethnic diversity     = 36% ^ 

Gender diversity    = 25% ^

  LGBTQ diversity     = 12.5%^

Disability diversity = 30% ^

It’s not solely a focus on profit that justifies investing in people

Stronger innovation. Higher Retention. More engaged workforce.

The work 1000 Black Voices do is incredible “ 

Amrit Kaur Dhadwal, ITV

Where voices bridge the divide.

Accelerate your Diversity, Antiracism and Inclusion efforts.

Supercharge your inclusion

Value unique talent

Foster better team collaboration

1000 Black Voices – fantastic work “ 

Anne-Marie Lo Bianco , Microsoft for Startups