Where stories bridge the divide.

Accelerate your Diversity, Inclusion and Antiracism efforts.

“You can’t change until you listen, till you understand, until you identify with ‘Blackness’.”

Here are our most popular programs:

Inclusion Practice

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Programs and tools so your company can:​

Career Hub

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Programs and tools so your company can:​

Accelerate Innovation

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Programs and tools so your company can:​


Go on a journey of anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity.


Stories share understanding of Black people, heritage, joy, sadness, and desires.

Celebrating Difference

Create connections, diversity, inclusion, belonging. Strengthen communities.

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Diversity Work

Working with businesses to boost their diverse inclusive, vibrant, corporate cultures.

We help the organisational agenda for gender and racial/ethnic representation.

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Measurable Long-term benefits

We help you improve in participation metrics and practices of formal mentoring, formal sponsorship, employee resource groups.

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Anti-racism Strategy

Working with businesses to clarify their workplace race narrative.



Providing the tools and connections for Black founders and their businesses to grow.

We work with you to innovate and scale up Black owned tech businesses.

We provide the confidence and agility leadership representation at all levels.

Accelerate Diversity, Inclusion and Antiracism efforts.

Here’s how


Let's have a call and build a plan


Be the Barrier Buster


Experience authentic Inclusion

What can we learn?

Lean into thought, behaviour and language to make a change.

Supercharge your inclusion

Value unique talent

Foster better team collaboration

1000 Black Voices emphasis on diversity and inclusion strategies that are data-driven and achieve measurable outcomes has marked a milestone in the growth of WeAfric!” 

Henry Otim, WeAfric