Funding Survey

The amount of funding to Black founders is abysmal, with the latest Crunchbase stats showing that a mere 0.43% of investment capital was allocated to Black Founders in Q3 2022. This represents approximately a 45% drop in VC funding from the year before.

There is much discussion around the disparities in venture yet funding is still following the same inequitable pattern. The industry knows it needs to invest more money into Black founders, it knows that LPs need to take more responsibility, and it knows that there need to be more Black General Partners, Venture Partners and operators. Yet… here we are, with Black founders still receiving a mere 1% of all VC funds.

To shine a light on this issue, 1000 Black Voices wants to hear from you, Black founders, fund managers and operators, about what it is really like to raise capital. We want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. Please share things that happened and were said, the shining examples of inclusion and the challenges along with the stories that can help explain why little progress is being made. 


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