There are many ways you can get involved. Stories of Black Voices will be posted on this website. The story will be a short video that gives an insight into the life of a Black Voice, as well as some answers to crucial questions about their experience of being Black.

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We would like as many Black Voices as possible, at least 1000, to be involved in the production of Black Voices Videos for the 1000 Black Voices Initiative. To enable this, we’ve developed a programme where organisations of all kinds can invite Black People to teach them the basic skills required to create a Black Voice profile. This could be anything from online workshops on confidence for Black people and storytelling skills development to mentoring and corporate Black driven inclusion-building experiences.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch using the contact form, and one of our Black Voice ambassadors will get right back to you.

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“You can't change until you listen, until you understand, until you identify with 'Blackness'.
Black Voices are compelling, emotive stories of Black people around the world”

 Elizabeth Shaw