Work with Startups to Foster Corporate Innovation

When it comes to innovating:

  • Connect with Innovators
  • Breakout of your Corporate comfort zone. 
  • Access new opportunities
  • Enrich team with complementary skills
  • Become a Game changer

Discover radically different ways to approach your market, your product, and innovation in general.

As a corporate entity, partnering with startups is full of promise. Though it is not always easy to source the best startups and to work with them flawlessly. 1000 Black Voices is here to help.

How 1000 Black Voices can Help

Run Corporate Accelerator Programs

1000 Black Voices helps you helps you position your brand as supportive of its ecosystem: we run white label accelerator programs for your company.

Scout Innovation for Corporate Pilots

1000 Black Voices helps you implement innovative technologies: we map landscapes based your tech or innovation needs, source the best startups and create programs for them to run pilots with your company.

Run Corporate Innovation Training

1000 Black Voices helps you brainstorm and train your workforce to the innovation practices of startups: we organise workshops in partnership with the best innovation consultants.

Run Corporate Investing Programs

1000 Black Voices helps your employees gain understanding of financial well-being and investing fundamentals leading towards investing in startups. 

Scout Innovation for Acquisition

1000 Black Voices helps you spot innovative early stage products and talent to acquire: we map the global landscape, interview qualified companies and hand them of to your deal team or C-suite.

Interested in working with 1000 Black Voices?

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