Privacy Statement

Our commitment to privacy

This privacy statement explains how Moxie Global Limited and its brands 1000 Black Voices and Female Techites (referred to as “we”, “us” or “Moxie Global Limited” collects information from you via the website or in any manner expressly described in the privacy statement and how this information is then used. When you provide us with your personal data you consent to us processing all such personal data as set out in the privacy statement. Please read this privacy statement carefully and revisit this page from time to time to review any changes that we may have made. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about how we handle your personal information, please ring us on +44 (0)7786 233 941 or email us This statement provides a summary of the full Privacy Policy. Both the statement and the full Privacy Policy apply to information collected by Moxie Global Limited via Moxie Global, 1000 Black Voices and Female Techites websites and in any manner described in the Privacy Statement.

Protecting your personal information

Your personal data is protected by General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). You can find the details for the UK Information Commissioner at or by accessing Moxie Global Limited GDPR Statement at As a registered data controller, we are required to take appropriate technical measures to protect your personal information including making a regular backup of our system and data. We have security measures in place to make sure any personal information we collect is secure. Your account is password protected and all information including your password is on a secure server, which only a limited number of employees and sub-contractors can access. All parties with access to your information are subject to confidentiality obligations. If you think someone else knows your password, or is using it, tell us immediately and change your password. You can change your password on the Website. Even though we take appropriate technical steps to protect your security, you should remember that data transmission over the internet cannot always be guaranteed as 100% secure so you use the website at your own risk.

Personal Information

We collect personal data about you when you register as a mentor or participant on our programmes or events, provide your personal information to engage with us in a consulting or reporting role. We may ask you for sensitive personal data and for your consent to use it for a specific purpose. If you do not wish to provide this information, you may select the Not Known/Not Provided or Prefer not to say option.

We share some of your personal data with awarding or sponsoring organisations where relevant.

When you access materials, we collect information about how you use those materials. You may provide us with further personal data if you use one of our development or communications facilities or use one of our online tests and tools.

We use cookies and other technologies to keep track of how you interact with our website and to target advertising. For further information about this please see our Use of Cookies Statement.

Purposes and Disclosures

We use your personal information to deal with your queries, to provide you with the services you request, to determine whether you are eligible for funding (if available), customer feedback and for general statistics and research.

Depending on the preferences indicated by you:

  • we may use your personal data to contact you about developments and
  • Moxie Global Limited may disclose your personal data to your sponsor, if you are being sponsored by your employer or by a trade organisation or other group.
  • we may disclose your information to certain government agencies or our sponsor in connection with funding of your program or business.

Following registration and enrolment, either in a Moxie Global Limited Approved Centre or online,

all of our approved service providers will have access to your name, date of birth, address,

username, client reference number and details of which Moxie Global Limited courses you have enrolled on in the past. You can request that:

  • your details not be used for marketing purposes;
  • we provide you with a copy of the information we hold about you (we may charge you a small fee);
  • we correct inaccuracies in your

You may also turn cookies off in your browser. However, if you do so, you may not be able to use certain features on the website.

Some of the information we collect during registration

When you register with us, you (or the person registering for you) must tell us:

  • your full name
  • email address
  • your date of birth (where required as a security question)
  • in which region you are based
  • where you heard about

We also ask for your company name but you do not have to provide this information if you do not wish to where an individual participant and not a business. Where you are registering as a business you will be required to provide your company details.

Following registration via the Website, we, or our Agents (where you have been introduced to the Website via an Agent or Reseller), may request additional personal data from you in order to further support your development and experience. You do not have to provide this information, but if you do not, you may not get the most out of your development and transformation.

The information we collect when you access materials, support and funding

We collect information about how you use materials, support and funding to monitor your development and improve our users’ experience.

You may also provide personal data through:

  • calls to our helplines;
  • letters and e-mails;
  • feedback

We may record calls to helplines for quality and training purposes only. We will store calls for about six months and we will keep them confidential. In general, if you contact us, we may keep a record of your query or complaint for a reasonable time in case you contact us again.


How we use the information we collect

We use your personal information:

  • to answer your queries or complaints;
  • to deliver our services, for example any services that you have access to
  • to provide materials;
  • to carry out administration;
  • to seek your opinion of the Service and Website
  • for general statistics and research;
  • for obtaining any relevant professional advice;
  • as may be required by law or in connection with legal proceedings (including where we intend to take legal proceedings), or as may be necessary to establish, exercise or defend our legal


The copyright of the material on the Company websites are held by Moxie Global Limited or respective brand. Individual users are free to make use of the information contained on the Library Section of the website site for their own non-commercial use.

However, the following acts are not permitted:

  • Unattributed use of materials or plagiarism
  • Loading copies of the documents onto a website
  • Amending the documents in any way
  • Using these materials for commercial gain in any way

 Internet security

In the event that we become aware that the Company website security has been compromised as a result of external activity (including but not limited to external security attacks) we shall take reasonable measures which we deem appropriate. This includes but is not limited to internal investigation and reporting, and notification to and cooperation with law enforcement authorities.

This privacy policy may not apply to you if we believe you are misusing the website or if we are required to disclose information by a court of law or other relevant body.

Paying for a Service online

When you pay for a service online, you will be asked for:

  • details of a credit or debit card;
  • an e-mail address; and
  • a telephone

These details are collected by: Starling Bank or our payment gateway providers, Worldpay and Paypal.

They collect credit or debit card details over a secure link. We do not collect them and they are not made available to us or our Agents or Resellers. We will use the personal information you provide to process your online payment and to refund any monies due to you if you cancel your purchase in line with the Company terms and conditions. When you make a payment online, we will use industry standard software, which encrypts your information. For further details about the security of this information, please refer to Starling Bank, Worldpay and Paypal.

Third parties and sponsors

To achieve the purposes set out in this privacy statement we may need to give your information to our service providers, Agents and Resellers. Following registration and/or enrolment via the website, we and our Agent or Resellers, if you registered via one of our

subcontractors, Agents or Resellers, will have access to your name and contact details to help us deliver our services to you.

If your employer, trade organisation or other group is sponsoring you, we may give the personal information we have collected to your sponsor to monitor your development.

Please be aware that some of the websites to which we provide links may collect personally identifiable information about you. We do not control these sites and are not responsible for the content or practices of third party websites. This privacy policy does not cover such sites.

Website Terms of Use

We encourage comments posted to the Company website and social media where prompted and welcomes feedback. For comments that do not comply with these Terms of Use we reserve the right to remove them. We reserve the right to reproduce, publish and use any and all parts of any posting in any way it sees fit.

By accepting these Terms of Use you agree to not post any material that a reasonable person would consider:

  • As including any racial, sexual or other offensive, provocative or discriminatory language 
  • Is inappropriate to discuss within a forum which has users under the age of 18 
  • Is defamatory, abusive, harassing or hateful and capable of damaging the reputation of a person or organisation. If successfully sued you could be held liable for considerable damages and costs 
  • That you do not have the necessary rights, licences and consents to post 
  • Constitutes spam, unauthorised advertising or solicits 
  • Infringes, dilutes, breaches, undermines or in any way constitutes unauthorised use of the intellectual property rights held by others including Moxie Global Limited. 
  • Contains long embedded URLs 
  • Invades anyone’s privacy or impersonates anyone 
  • Is far off-topic as irrelevant posts lower the value of the debate for everyone and may be removed 
  • Encourages conduct that may or would constitute a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability, or that otherwise violates any law
  • The comment appears to contain irrelevant or excessive links or appears to contain code 
  • Personal information as it is unacceptable to publicise your or anyone else’s contact details including address, place of employment, name of organisation, telephone or mobile number, email address, etc. This is for your own safety and that of everyone who uses this service
  • In a different language to English. Posts containing languages other than English may be removed. Common greetings and salutations in languages other than English may be acceptable 
  • As raising your voice. The use of capital letters is considered as raising your voice in internet shorthand.
  • As inappropriate usernames that are vulgar or offensive, etc 

Where there is the ability and permission to post comments we will not edit these to remove objectionable content, so please ensure that your posting contains none of the above to avoid it being removed.

Anyone posting a comment is deemed to accept Moxie Global Limited and brands use and publication thereof. Notwithstanding any moderation, Moxie Global Limited and brands cannot be held in any way responsible for the comments posted on our websites. No reliance should be placed on any comments and nothing on this site should be seen as a substitute for formal legal advice. Moxie Global Limited and brands do not endorse, approve or promote any comments appearing on this site nor the authors thereof.

The Company will be alerted to all comments posted on the site. Anyone who violates the Terms of Use may be blocked from making future comments.

From time to time the Terms of Use may be updated or changed so please make sure you check the terms of use periodically.

Information disclaimer

The information contained on the website is provided to the best of our knowledge and with the best of intentions but should be treated as general guidance only. As every person’s situation is unique, you are encouraged to make your own enquiries and conduct your own independent research.

Throughout our materials, we provide links to third party sites however we cannot be responsible for content of these sites.

Requests for information

If you have not registered on the Website but are simply making an enquiry or request for information, we will use your personal information to reply to your enquiry or request. We will not use this information for marketing purposes without your permission or unless you invite us to do so.

Keeping your personal data

We keep personal data :

  • for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for;
  • as required by law; or
  • to enforce or defend legal

Sometimes we will keep information that you have deleted, for example messages sent by you to your consultant, as a record of your experience. We will keep this information for a reasonable time.


We use cookies and other technologies to keep track of how you interact with our website and to target advertising Please see the Moxie Global Limited Use of Cookies Statement for further information.

Your rights

You have the right to:-

  • ask for a copy of all the information we hold about you (we will charge you a small fee for this) and to correct any To obtain a copy of this information, please

ring us on +44 (0)07786 233941 or email us at

  • challenge the accuracy of data held about You can amend your details please

ring us +44 (0)07786 233941 or email us at to request a change

  • take steps to prevent your personal data being processed if the processing is likely to cause you substantial damage or substantial distress which is unjustified. If you want to exercise this right you must put your objection in writing by emailing us, specifying

why the processing has this effect and state what you require to do to avoid causing damage or distress.

How to contact us

To obtain a copy of your personal data, to correct inaccuracies or if you have any queries or

concerns about how we handle your personal data, please contact:

Moxie Global Limited, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London. WC2H 9JQ; +44 (0)7786 233941 and

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