SingularityNet and 1000 Black Voices Black Tech Accelerator

Empowered to succeed

Black AI and blockchain startup founders to benefit from technical advice and mentorship thanks to the partnership and new Accelerator from SingularityNET and 1000 Black Voices, and will be running for DEEP funding allocation to be voted on by the community.

A 12-week accelerator launching late June is now open to applicants, with up to 10 positions available to Black AI and blockchain startup founders and specialists anywhere in the world 

Funding from SingularityNET’s DEEP Funding pool, a token-fund worth $1M+ in the accelerator’s first month alone, will be made available to startups participating in the program. The final allocation of the fund and who will get it, will be subject to a democratic vote by the SingularityNET Community. 

The program will run for 12 weeks. It is made up of two phases (the first dedicated to technology and the second to business development) with a four week break in the middle for founders to put learnings into practice and develop their ideas. 

The  SingularityNet and 1000 Black Voices Black Tech Accelerator is open to Founders:

o  that are a Black-tech business led by *representatives of the Black community.

*50% or more of the board and senior management team are from Black backgrounds, and are making the key strategic decisions for the company. By “making key decisions” we mean that decisions on core strategic and financial matters are taken by Black founders, not that consultation is undertaken as part of decisions that are subsequently taken by a group that is not Black-led.

offers an innovative technical solution;

o has a minimum viable product;

o has achieved some amount of traction prior to the accelerator