Your Pay it Forward attitude will help the Black Community.

We have a great opportunity for mentors, counsellors, entrepreneurs, technologists, advisors, investors,  marketeers and strategists to join our family. Yes, we do need you to be willing to give up some of your time voluntarily. Hope you would want to. We need you. Pay it forward. Go on, get in touch.

Two-way Understanding

Our reverse mentoring model enables both mentors and mentees to share knowledge, insights and perspectives to learn from each other. Find common understandings and confidence in opening minds to different world views.


Our Mentors enable empowerment. Our Black Voices can discuss important decisions in their career, ask for advice on how to achieve their full potential and succeed in life, school or work.

Safe Space

'Safe space' is our term for counselling. Our Black Voices benefit from a short-term counselling model where we provide ‘safe space’ to explore fears and anxieties.


Our Counselling facilitates the development of resilience in our Black Voices. This model of resilience equips our Black Voices with the skills and knowledge needed to keep themselves mentally healthy.

Transformative Experience

Our advisors share knowledge, insights and experience to help deliver a transformative experience for the business founders on our programmes.


Enable growth. Share expectations, advise and seek to invest. Your investment is an investment in the Black community.

Business Community

Our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, advisors, experts and investors will benefit from your passion for doing something that matters.

Sustainable growth

Our community is critical in setting up founders to tackle the many challenges they face in scaling up their business.

Help now : volunteer Mentors, Counsellors and Advisors

In order to provide support to the Black community, 1000 Black Voices recruits passionate volunteers for our counselling, mentoring and business advice services. Volunteers are vital to our work at 1000 Black Voices, and are instrumental in providing support where needed. Supporting the well-being and advancement of the Black community would not be possible without the dedication of our volunteers. 

Below are opportunities for engagement with 1000 Black Voices. Please note that volunteers must be at least 18 years old to apply. 

1000 Black Voices welcomes individuals of all diverse backgrounds into our volunteer family.

Application Process