IN THIS WEBINAR WE DISCUSS  > Key points in the Journey of Awareness to help people understand when they are facing racial micro-aggressions, stereotyping and overt racism.

>The webinar will encourage and equip people to feel empowered to call out racism and stay true to their self.  

We were joined by our wonderful Speaker,

Collette Philip, Managing Director and Founder, Brand by Me

Collette Philip runs award-winning brand and strategy consultancy, Brand By Me, building brands that drive social change and positive business impact.

Collette has 20 experience building great commercial and charity brands like Starburst, McDonald’s, Always, Clearasil, Barnardo’s, T-Mobile, EE and World Animal Protection. It was her love of brand and strategy and her passion for social justice that led her to set up Brand by Me in 2016. Their clients cover a breadth of great causes – from animal welfare to peace-building, to women’s rights and healthy eating for kids!


Right now, Brand by Me is helping charities, corporates and changemakers build brands and lead through turbulence and tackle systemic racism head on. To find out more visit https://brandbyme.co.uk/services/