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Feeling unsure how to approach anti-racism? Frustrated by band-aid activities that don’t lead to change? Feeling anxious about race-based barriers and lack of diverse talent?  

Doesn't everyone deserves to work in an environment where talent is recognised and rewarded at parity?

Call us and we can help you make anti-racism the new normal. We help raise cultural competency, supercharge your diversity and inclusion agenda and advance solutions that create new opportunities that inspire your team to bring their whole self to work, feel valued and add value.

“1000 Black Voices does great work. Very impressed. We want them to do more of the work they do, with us.”  

Raymond Hounon, Microsoft

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1000 Black Voices have directly made sure that we are get the best out of their programs. That’s an amazing feat in itself. “ 

Henry Otim, WeAfric

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