The Story Behind 1000 Black Voices





1000 Black Voices advances equitable inclusion around the world. We amplify Black voices to facilitate positive change for whole and authentic equity and a celebration of difference. We share stories from around the world on the experience of being Black.

1000 Black Voices aims to facilitate accountable action and positive change for the eradication of racism. We do this through educating and improving understanding of Black culture, racism and what it means to be Black. 

We help organisations, institutions and communities that want to develop their inclusion-building and antiracism experiences. Our determination to make a difference is reflected in the work we do to drive resilience, empowerment and business scale-up for the Black Community.

“Everyone deserves to have their talent recognised and rewarded at parity. Blackness. Unlimited talent and potential”

As featured in the UK Black Business Guide 2021

It started with  
…our 1000 Black Voices Ambassadors

Amplifying Black Voices to share experiences of Blackness

I have a voice


As a child I didn’t feel different because of the colour of my skin. Society taught me. Now  I walk around with a sign on my back;  I am Black.



My parents always said, 

“work hard, we are sacrificing things and working hard so you can have a good education”. 


Role Model


Celebrating rising up, and …

yes sharing vulnerabilities, so that Black people know they are more than good enough.