Pitch DNA

  • Are you a tech company deciding to to raise investment?


  • Do you wonder how to build investor relationships?


  • Are you looking to create a winning story and pitch deck for your investor conversations?

Don’t be Caught Pitchless!

You might be at a conference or networking event…

You might strike up a conversation waiting in line for a coffee and realize its an opportunity to pitch!

Bottom line – How you tell your story matters. You never know if the next person you meet could change your startup! You only get one chance to make an impression – make it happen for you, armed with the perfect story for your venture for any given opportunity.


You get one shot to impart the undeniable value of your company to potential investors. Do you know what truly sets you apart? Do you have a unique story to convey it? Do you have a pitch that you are confident presenting?

Pitch DNA is designed to help you learn how to ‘show up’ for investment conversations and get you enroute to developing investor relationships and on your path to growth.  

How do you tell the story of your company in just 5 minutes or less?

Your goal is to get noticed, to get a chance to continue the conversation. In a sea of pitches, you must be memorable. The Pitch DNA will help you do just that.

Through Pitch DNA, you will not only turn your conference and Trade Mission investment into a profit centre, you will get yourself ready to show up with confidence, and effectively approach that ‘make or break’ process of sharing the right story and pitch for the investors you meet.

Why is this important? Because in fundraising, your pitch is key!

It’s through sharing the right story and pitch with your investors that the fundraising process becomes a conversation.

The Pitch DNA takes the guesswork out of pitch readiness showing you how to do this in just 1 day. You still have to practice!

Founder Spotlight

Theo trade mission 22

Theo Houston
Founder, Slinger

Theo Houston founder Slinger wins with 1000 Black Voices. 

Our work and connections to the British Consulate, Visionario VC, SVB and Techstars NYC powered by J.P. Morgan, led Theo on a journey successfully joining the Google Black Founders Fund, gaining access to investment and world-class resources.

Slinger is revolutionising the hiring process by getting rid of old practices that no longer work (bye-bye CV and job boards).

During Pitch DNA you will go through intense acceleration so investors listen.

Pitch DNA unpacks your storyline, pitch, visibility and relationship building strategies.

 Learn how investors think and build the right story so investors listen.

 Build your pitch deck. Structure of what you need and why it matters. 

 Understand how to leverage your pitch deck by pitching it perfectly. 

 Investor Question prep gaining insights into the questions many VC’s ask, what they talk about after you leave the room –  build the answer they need to hear.

 Gain help creating your own personalized profiling and visibility playbook 

The opportunity to join the high-profile 1000 Black Voices Trade Missions. 

Attendees: Up to 3 team members

Fee: £325

Location: Virtual

Duration:  1.5 hours

Time: Agreed


Trusted Experts

1000 Black Voices is a multi-award winning company working with Founders, Industry Leaders, Venture Capitalists, and Government. You are in a safe and trusted pair of hands empowering you to achieve the next steps in your investment and global expansion milestones.

  • Experience in supporting founder’s growth and success
  • Established and growing relationships with VC’s and the startup ecosystem
  • Comprehensive network of knowledge and advice for growth

Get the help you need.

It’s your opportunity to shine — make Investors want the next meeting.

Make 2024 the year your business takes advantage of opportunities to grow.

Get ready and go on our next Trade Mission






The Pitch DNA is taking place on Zoom. Login details will be provided after registration. 

The Pitch DNA day is offered at £325. Up to 3 individuals from the company (which includes the founders) are welcome to attend.

Please follow the link to register and payment details will be emailed. Thank you.

Yes you are welcome to join. The Pitch DNA is relevant for you if you want to make sure your story, pitch deck and pitching show your TRUE value. 

We are transparent in how we can help and are not making you any promises we can not deliver. Our promise to you is simple – if you follow through on what you learn during this program, it will be a game-changer for your approach to investors. 

We run the Accelerator and Trade Missions designed to give you additional support and accountability to enable you get your desired results.

You can also have an introductory chat to make sure we are a match for what you seek. It may be that you may wish to have consultation and advisory services rather than working with a group. You can schedule a free 15 minute consultation here.

If you already have a story, pitch deck and pitch and you are on this page, we guess there is a very good reason for that – most likely because you are  not experiencing the benefits of the existing story, pitch deck, your  approach to pitching, or strategies for gaining access to investors. If that’s the case, the Pitch DNA is for you. The program is designed to give you relevant and practical help and advice to follow that will give you results in:

  • Getting that next investor meeting 
  • Developing relationships with investors 
  • Growing your business

Take the next step in connecting to investment and scaling! 

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