Black Tech Founders

Discover the Black tech founders that have participated in our Black tech accelerator program to help accelerate their journey of growth.


Roger Nengwe Ntafam 


A neobank for the unbanked and underserved in French Africa enabling them to easily pay and manage their money with just a card and an app/chatbot.


Fidel Ion


The home for news online. It is an AI-powered news platform for journalism empowering journalists to connect directly with readers on a social platform designed for NEWS. SWEN is the portal all quality news is filtered through, providing personalised spaces for journalists, newspapers, newsrooms and readers to access and share high-quality accurate news. SWEN brings together the best journalists and all their content onto one powerful platform, where articles are tailored to your interests and augmented by high-quality media to empower humanity with information.


Jhannon Fanus

A multi-purpose, location-based, time-restricted messaging platform; a global bulletin board system where all messages have a lifespace and eventually expire.


Ken Granderson


Dale Dowdie

The World’s First Online Black History Encyclopedia that delivers daily Black History and current news from across the Diaspora to hundreds of thousands of web site, social media and affiliate website visitors, in text, picture and video formats, using their proprietary, AI-enabled content engine called Timbuktu™.


Allan Niongira

Portable Voices

An audiobook and podcast production and distribution company. It allows users to purchase and stream audiobooks and other forms of spoken word content for online and offline listening via the portable voice web and mobile apps. PortableVoices exist to increase access to information and knowledge in Africa and the world through programs that educate, inform, and entertain.


Chisom Izu


A chatbot agency providing chatbot consultancy and development services and in addition, enterprise automation tech, conversion rate optimisation and email copywriting services.

Founder and CEO

Fuh Cliff Fuhche


A space helping to maximize young people’s talent with one core service – access to competent industry experts as mentors. Flaxxzone addresses the inability of young people to be their creative best due to insufficient counseling and orientation. When young people are given the space, exposure, and resources to grow, they will definitely solve the world’s greatest problems. 


Christie Cole

Cloud APS

A provider of enterprise cloud computing services, specifically in software as a service (SAAS) and platform as a service (PAAS). We help to transform the way organisations work by deliveing enterprise cloud computing services, which improve efficiency, reduce costs and maximise security.

CEO  & Co-Founder

Dr Ebi Ofrey


An award winning cloud based hospital structure that provides the entire experience of a hospital to the elderly in their home from doctor home visits, home sample collection for tests and home delivery of prescribed medication as a subscription service paid for by their adult children.


Dr Omobolaji Iji


Dr Stephen Katebe


An award winning medical technology company that provides remote tele-diagnostic devices that enable clinicians to see and exam their patients from any location in the world . 

Creative Director  & Co-Founder

Daniel Abbay

Project Manager  & Co-Founder

Henock Hailemariam

Content Creator & Senior Leader

Henry Otim


A subscription based social networking platform. 

The – one – place to connect all descendants of Africa.

CEO & Co-Founder

Pemwoya Bryan Pangsui


A service finder marketplace. An easy way for customers to find service providers, and for service providers to sell and advertise their goods and services.

Congratulations Founders

All our participating Black Tech Founders receive mentoring, as well as workshops, collaborative forums, hackathons, leadership support and opportunities to network helping accelerate future growth. 

1000 Black Voices emphasis on diversity and inclusion strategies that are data-driven and achieve measurable outcomes has marked a milestone in the growth of WeAfric!” 

Henry Otim, WeAfric

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